Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Stanley recounting an exciting time with his dad and friend Sale.

My exciting weekend with Dad

Last Saturday morning Dad and I went to Rainbows End. I was excited to go on the rides. The first ride I went on were the bumper cars. It was my favourite because  I like to bumping people and I bumped Sale the most. The other people were just riding around and the ride was over and we went on the bumper boat and I was wet because the water was coming on me. I asked my Dad for some food and he said yes and we ate hot dogs and we drank a Fanta after all our rides we left rainbow End  when it was evening I felt tired but happy at the same time I want to do more fun stuff with my Dad

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  1. Hi Room 7.
    My name is Toma and I am a year 8 from Tamaki Primary School. I like the way how Stanley is talking about him and his dad. It reminds me of the time when I was on the bumpy cars with my friends. Keep up the good work!!! :).