Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Poetry in motion. We have been writing poetry in Room 7 this week. We are learning a lot about language devices in poetry. This is Telesia's poem. It is not yet finalised but her draft is exciting enough to post.

A light that beams with joy
Through bad or good cases
The light that it provides
When there is only dark
In your light I forget my misery
For I can face them tomorrow
A light that I look up to
To seek guidance and wisdom
A light so peaceful and tranquil
That shines a path as a guide
A light that I follow after
For it is my sun that shines
brightly towards me
A light that slowly burn
When anger is around
But the light which shines within

Will always be my sparkle


  1. I like your poem because its funny.
    Keep up your great work!!

  2. What a lovely Poem - how clever!