Friday, 30 March 2018

Duffy assembly

On Thursday 30 of March, Glenbrae School had the opportunity of to see Georgie again and also meet Keanu for the Junior Warriors. They were our guest speakers for our Duffy Assembly.

They both shared how important reading is to them. Playing in professional rugby league teams they have to read itineraries for trips, nutrition plans, their contract which also has their code of conduct and many other information about their sport.

It was a fun assembly and some of our students were lucky enough to win some spot prizes. Vainikolo from our class won a prize which is a water bottle.

Our class is focussing on reading for enjoyment. We currently have a reading challenge called Around the World Challenge. The winner of the challenge is in to win one of three prizes. Every single option for prizes is a wonderful treat for the winner. We are really looking forward to reading our way around the world as the Duffy song says.


  1. Talofa lava room 7
    I think that your class is doing just well in all their subjects, I hope you do much more better. My old school also had Duffy assembly every year and it was very fun. Do you find Duffy assembly fun?

    1. Talofa Huntah
      Thank you for comment on our blog. Duffy assemblies are always funs because we never know who we will meet. It is also cool to remind our students about how fun reading can be. I am sure you do a lot of reading at Tamaki College and I know you need to for your learning and for fun too. Thanks for the comment and we hope to see some more from you soon.
      Manuia le aso
      Mrs Tofa

  2. Kia ora room 7
    You guys should keep up the good work. i enjoyed reading your story.

  3. Malo e lei lei my name is lanzie and i go to tamaki college i really like ready your guys blog keep up the great work. Kia kaha

  4. hello miss stone i know you so love the duffy show i love the show two :) can you more awesome comments :) from justis :=