Wednesday, 8 November 2017

An experience of a lifetime. Our movie about our wonderful camp to the Bay of Islands.


  1. Hi Room 7, I am glad that you enjoyed your time at camp and I think that it WAS a great experience. I am also a part of the St. Ignatius parish and your presentation was wonderful.


  2. Malo lelei room 7
    I really liked your documentary about your lifetime experience. My favourite part about it was when you all shared one fact about what they did in the olden days. We also made a movie you should check it out and feel free to leave a comment. What was your best thing about going on that trip?

    1. Kia Ora Rebecca thank you for your feedback we really enjoyed what we done that week. my favorite part was kayacking

  3. Hi room 7
    I like your movie about lifetime experience. Did you guys ask your parents about olden days. did your class enjoy the trip

  4. Malo Lelei Room 7
    I really like your movie about the life time.
    Keep up the Good movies!!!

  5. Kia ora Room 7
    I really like your documentary about your wonderful experience at the bay of islands. I really enjoyed looking at your photos that you took at your lifetime experience. Where would you like to go next?