Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Grease lightning at Auckland Girls Grammar School

We were very fortunate today to travel to Auckland city to watch a production of Grease by the students of Auckland Girls Grammar School. 

We had a very enjoyable time watching the performance. The actors were very well prepared knowing their lines and the songs they had to sing. The costumes were amazing. They were very similar to the costumes of the actors in the movie. 

We would like to thank Miss Elia and her niece for giving us the opportunity to watch the production.


  1. Wow! What an amazing trip! I'm sure the singing and acting was awesome!

    How many of you have watched Grease before? Or how about, how many of your parents have watched Grease before? I'm sure they will know all the songs and can sing along to them.

    Does your school have a production?

    1. Talofa Mrs Faalili,

      The singing was awesome. We did not take any parents with us today but we had some students singing along to the songs and also our teachers. We do not have a school production but it is certainly something we need to consider after today. Does your school have a production?