Friday, 7 April 2017

Reading is cool

Reading is such an essential skill for us to learn. We are always being reminded about the value of being able to read. In our class Mrs Tofa is working with a group of students to accelerate their reading. It is a very fun group where they discuss extra reading materials they take home as well as keep reading logs to record the stories they read. 

On our class site there is a drawing under reading and when you click on the photo of each student you will be taken to their reading log and you will be able to see all the exciting stories they have been reading.

This is a reading journey and along this journey there will be a lot of discussions, questioning, researching and  travelling. From the Duffy presentation our school viewed this week we were taught that reading is like watching a movie and you make the movie in your mind. Isn't it great to create your own movie? 

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