Thursday, 30 March 2017

Our busy hub in Room 7

Right now Room 7 is a very busy hub. We are busy preparing for our Inquiry presentations and we are very excited to share our learning with our whanau and community. We are in small groups working on our inquiries and each group is studying an area of concern or interest to the. 

We are also working on our class play for Te Oro and we are having a lot of fun preparing our play. In between rehearsal we have a good laugh at our mistakes then we try again. 

This week we had our last tennis session with our fantastic coach Campbell. He was so awesome and believed in us and our skills development. Campbell says a lot of us have real skills in the game of tennis. We thoroughly enjoyed each session with Campbell as the skill level needed for the lessons became more demanding. 

Also on Tuesday we had our first visit to Glenbrae Kids which is the Early Childhood Centre next to our school. We enjoyed our visit being teina to the younger ones. Their playground was very exciting and we enjoyed taking our little friends around the playground. 


  1. Hi my name is konzay and the kid look very very cute and pretty

  2. hi my name is jack and i really liked it