Monday, 27 February 2017

Sustainability - Water pollution and sustaining water

Today in Room 7 we learnt about water pollution. We started with what we already know and then learnt about how water systems are polluted by simple items such as our food packets, animal waste, household items being dumped in streams and then big companies polluting water systems with their product wastes. 

We also took a walk around our school to identify if we are doing our part to maintain our

water drains clean. Unfortunately we found a lot of rubbish in the drains and also around the drains. Again they were mostly food packages and food scraps. 

We decided to work in groups of three to create presentations and learning experiences which will educate our students and staff members about what we can do to clean our drains and keep them clean. 

One of the activities today was watching a video where it shows people in Africa walking for three hours to collect water which is often contaminated. We are lucky to have clean water to drink in New Zealand and we must do our part to keep our water, streams, rivers and sea clean. 

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  1. Hi my name is Kanye and i'm from T.P.S and ill like to say that Nz need people like ues to stop throwing their rubbish around and stop being lazy and but their rubbish in the rubbish bin. =)