Monday, 17 October 2016

Room Seven Survivors

This week in writing  Miss Stones group have been writing survival stories. The students were able to think very deeply about their survival scenarios and each wrote a very different story.

Here is a snippet of Luisa's story "Shark Attack"

Bethany, fought for her life, struggling to get free from the monstrous sea creature. A destructive pain urged through Bethany’s body, red velvet liquid flowed through the seawater, disintegrating very quickly. She kicked violently and was set free, she was able to reach the surface of the sea, struggling to swim. There was no sight of the cold-blooded creature, but in that case there was also no feeling of her right arm. Bethany blared horrendously in pain and in disturbance attracting the creature towards her. She glared back as kilometres between the creature and her became metres. Kicking her pale feet urgently made her more visible to the creature, besides the amount of blood that was flowing continuously much like a mini waterfall.

Check out the opening of Courtney's story about Terrorism

It was barely dawn when Ben woke up to the sounds of heavy footsteps and loud thuds coming from the room below him. Ben didn't recognised the heavy footsteps and he knew his family wouldn't risk being so loud in the middle of the night of the fear of being caught by people they didn't want attention from. So using his wits he left the warmth of his blankets and crawled onto the cold wooden floor to the other side of the room where the door of his closet was. As he was about to hide in his closet Ben hesitated “I need to warn mum and dad” he thought to himself .  

Sam's story again was very different - he wrote about Naruto!

“OUCH?!?!” Naruto got a hard punch from Minato. “ What’d you do that for” Naruto said.“You did the Jutsu all wrong, you're supposed to use Rotation, Force and more Focus”. Naruto kept training hard so he could master the Jutsu called the Rasen-Shuriken. Naruto was so happy until the village was attacked by a strong group called THE AKATSUKI.  

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  1. What fantastic writing. I like the use of direct speech and the vocabulary you are using. Keep it up.