Monday, 31 October 2016

Medtech Trip!

Today Room 7 traveled to the city to experience the Medtech exhibition in silo 6. This is an interactive exhibition that focuses on bio-engineering - focusing on how medicine and technology combine.

We were split up into groups of 6, we rotated around the silos to learn about different areas of the body and different areas of bio-engineering. Check out some of our favorite activities!
In this exhibition, we had to make music with different parts of our body. In this picture, Dora is holding a sensor that makes music as she moves her arm.

In a different area, the volunteers were showcasing an app that let you see inside the body (as long as you were wearing a particular t-shirt). There was also an opportunity to perform a virtual operation to remove an appendix in this room!

In another room the students were able to make slime using different chemicals.They also got to try to make a container that could hold kinetic sand - which wasn't as easy as it seemed!         
However, our favourite room was one where we got to use our bodies in different ways. We used our balance to play a computer game, measured the height of a jump while wearing weights and created art while cycling!
Using balance to steer in the game
Adding paint to the wheel
Our artwork

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