Tuesday, 5 July 2016


This afternoon the children in Room 7 split up into their houses and were asked to sing a song for the class. Each group came up with a different song from a different genre which made the performance really interesting.

Rata performed a cheer-leading song (Petty). It was great to see that all of the students were included and played a part in the routine.

Kowhai performed "We are Young" by Fun. They were very prepared as they had printed the lyrics and knew the song well.

Kauri performed "Light of mine" and had choreographed a few actions to support their singing.

Nikau perform Lean and Dab and had quite an impressive dance routine!

Our next step will be to move away from 'karaoke'. Instead the students will be singing without the support of the YouTube videos. We are really looking forward to hearing the learners sing!

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