Thursday, 28 July 2016


This Afternoon Room 7 took part in a 'Breakout'. This meant that the students had to solve a series of clues in order to unlock a number of locks that were attached to a treasure chest. This Breakout was maths themed and the students had to solve a number of maths problems using their place value knowledge.

To start off, Miss Stone presented the students with a picture frame that contained a picture of a Pythagorean tree. Some of the students realised that their had to be something more to this picture, and found a secret note hidden inside.

Hidden in the bookshelf was another clue, this time it was a quote by Pythagoras. Once the students worked out which word was missing from the quote they were able to remove the word lock.

Some of the students were searching the classroom around this time and Jayden managed to find two keys under some of the chairs, while some of the girls found a smaller locked box in the cushions. Once they opened this box they found a maths problem and key inside.

The students also found a series of cups that contained a clue. Once they placed the cups in order it spelled out a word which lead them to find another key.

Another group of students found an ultraviolet light hidden in the bookshelf. They also found some 'blank' paper and realised that their was something written in invisible ink. This sheet was a key for the directional lock and the students solved a maths problem and converted it to the directions.

This was the last lock to be opened before the students claimed their prize. They finished with ten minutes left on the clock which was a great time.

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