Thursday, 9 June 2016

Room 7's Gallery

On Thursday 9th of May the students at Glenbrae School had inquiry presentations.
 Each class was set up to display the work that the children had completed in their inquiries over the last term and a half.

Dora and Mele running a quiz about Mona Lisa
Half our class stayed in Room 7 to present the work and set up activities for students in other classes, while the others toured around the school. Our presenters did a fabulous job in entertaining and teaching students from other classes. We have had a lot of wonderful feedback about our presentations.
Alfred and Sam at their Claymation Station

Linda Kiki Presenting her work on Chris Brown

Fusi and Angelica teaching a lesson on Perspective

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  1. Very proud of our class and the work displayed on Thursday. Bring on the Music Inquiry Presentations.