Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Auckland Live

Yesterday on the 13th June, Room 7 and Room 9 went on a trip to Auckland Live. This was held at the Auckland Town Hall and Aotea Centre.

After arriving at the Town Hall and being welcomed for the day,we engaged with our first session which was taken by Java Dance Company. They performed for 10 minutes before they took Room 7 and students from Clendon School for a dance workshop.

The children used dance moves and body percussion to dance to different rhythms.

After morning tea our students went to Aotea Centre for our second session which was with Te Rehia Theatre. We watched a snippet of one of their shows before getting into some theatre sports activities.

We then went on to have lunch and our students enjoyed playing bullrush with pupils from other schools. After lunch we returned to the Aotea Centre where we  participated in our final activity - looking at dance through visual art using Mata Mata 2.0 in Limelight.


We had a really wonderful day over all - the groups that we saw were awesome and we learnt a lot about the arts.


  1. Hey Room 7
    Wonderful photos and recount about your classes trip. This a great post about Dance(I'll guess you guys do dance?). Great Blogpost!

  2. Hi Room 7 it looked like you guys had a lot of fun. I like how you have a lot of photos showing what you are doing.