Friday, 6 May 2016

Collaborating in Maths

On Wednesday 4 May, Sue Pine came in to Room 7 again to observe how we are learning in Mathematics. The Taha group started with a number talk by discussing how to solve multiplication facts which we do not know. 

The word problem we had to solve as a group was called Pirate Crews. The word problem is: On a pirate ship there are some pirates. Each pirate has two swords. In a battle, half the pirates lost a sword and one quarter of the pirates gained a sword. How many swords are left on the ship now?

Everyone had different numbers for solving the problem. We discovered yesterday that some people were confused with the number of pirates and the number of swords. They would half the swords and not the number of pirates which made the problem confusing. 

Everyone in the group worked well together and the focus for our group now is to get better at collaborating. 

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