Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Manaiakalani Ambassador

This morning Levi R., Mrs Raj and Miss Stone went to the Maniakalani Offices.

As the Manaiakalani Ambassador for Glenbrae, Levi was asked to present with ambassadors from the other Maniakalani schools.  This took a lot of work on Levi's part as he had to design the presentation and learn the speech that accompanied it off by heart.

Levi had to present in front of visitors who had come to learn about Manaiakalani and the learn, create, share process. He discussed the way that we had learn, created and shared in visual art this term.

He did a fantastic job! Mrs Raj and Miss Stone were very proud of the presentation that he delivered and the visitors got a good understanding of the way that our students learn at Glenbrae school.

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  1. I have heard fantastic reports about your presentation Levi R. Well done and keep it up.