Thursday, 3 March 2016

Justin describes the tree outside our school library

It starts off with the a seed, then the roots come out. After that, the roots start to grow then the tree starts to come out.

The tree becomes brown in the inside but has mould on the outside. The tree has branches with green and yellow leaves. The yellow leaves are old and ready to fall off while the green leaves stay on for a little longer.

The tree smells as well. The smell is a refreshing smell and can also be unpleasant.

Different insects go on the tree such as crickets, spiders, flies and other insects looking for a place to hide or play.

The tree has been standing for many years. Long before I came here to this school. The leaves on the tree are still growing. They're healthy but some of the leaves are turning yellow.

The roots in the ground are growing bigger and holding the tree together. This tree gives us air and shade every year.

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