Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A fun trip to the Auckland Art Gallery

On Thursday 17 March the senior students of our school went to the Auckland Art Gallery to learn about symbols in art.

In the morning at school we had to organise ourselves by making sure each student had their name tags, lunches were packed in one bag and also permission slips had been signed by parents. We had a little surprise alarm go off which sent everyone off to the courts.

From the courts we were dismissed to go to the bus. The busses were green and the drivers were very prompt and kind. The bus ride to the city was interesting. We saw a lot of people going to work or returning from dropping their children to schools. The city is a very busy place with traffic jams everywhere.

When we arrived at the Auckland Art Gallery, we had to walk around the corner to the entrance where the staff were waiting for us. We were all split into our groups and we had different activities to do.

We went on a guided tour of the gallery. We looked at different types of art and we were fascinated with the Maori paintings. They were very detailed and we discussed that Goldie's paintings looked sad. Our tour guide taught us Goldie believed the Maori race were becoming extinct and the painted them as sad people.

We also went to the art studio and created some art. We all had to draw symbols which represent ourselves. Some people drew sports logos, food, music, sports and church symbols. We then used different materials to make the symbols. We did not have enough time to finish our art work so we brought them back to school with us.

At the end of the day we all assembled outside the gallery and thanked the staff for hosting us. Room 7 boarded the bus first followed by the other classes. Our day at the Auckland Art Gallery was an educational day with a lot of different activities.

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