Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A flash and sparkling Nissan car

This is Mafoa's narrative writing for his homework task. 

One day my brother Thomas wanted a car because he got his licence and he was turning 18. My family had a talk and we decided he would be old enough to get a car.

My dad and my brother went to sign some papers so I looked at the car that my dad was buying for my brother it looked cool and it looked fast. When they finished signing the papers my dad gave him the keys and my brother had tears in his eyes because he was so happy.

My dad and Thomas took the car for a spin and it was really fast. My dad said the car was better than his car but my brother said "This is my car remember?". Then my dad laughed and they both laughed their way home.

When they got home everyone jumped up and said "Happy birthday Thomas" and Thomas smiled a huge smile because he was a year older and the owner of a new car.

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