Monday, 15 February 2016

Samuel's verbal recount of his 4 month trip to Tanzania

Today we were so happy to welcome Samuel and his family back to Glenbrae School. They have just returned from Tanzania where they have spent time with family and friends for the last four months. 

Samuel told our class about the adventures he had with traveling in a bus from village to village for many hours and there were times when passengers had to unload luggage because the bus was too heavy. 

Samuel also told us about his family trip to a Serengeti where they saw a lot of animals we can only see at Auckland Zoo here. 

The boys in class were fascinated with Samuel's recount of his day stop at Dubai where he saw a lot of flash cars and houses. The boys spent a lot of time discussing what a rich country would look like and what they would have if they were to live in Dubai. 

Its fantastic to have Samuel and his family back at our school and we are glad they made is safe and sound to New Zealand.

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