Sunday, 14 February 2016

Maara's narrative writing - A dragon's tale

As I was standing on a big rock, it started shaking!!! I was in shock wondering what is going to happening? The rock starts cracking open and I started running, then a spark of light shined in my eyes. When the light disappeared I turned to see what it was. Then I started walking to the rock very slowly then suddenly I heard noises coming from the rock, I stopped,then a big dragon came flying down. I was trembling with fear wondering what to do.

The massive dragon came down in a blink of an eye. I saw it’s huge wings, a big body and razor sharp teeth. It gave me an ice cold look, I was so scared wondering is the dragon going to eat me? It would gulp me in one go. Suddenly it came closer and I couldn't move. As the dragon came closer and closer it stopped right in front of me. The dragon touched my right hand then disappeared.

I look at my arm and it had a small dragon symbol on it. In my head I was thinking what is this for? Then I ran into the forest where I found a dragon's necklace with glowing ashes inside. I took the necklace with me. Once I got to the middle of the forest I saw the dragon flying down slower than before.

But this time the dragon wasn't alone, There was a smaller dragon flying right next to it.The dragon landed and I was surprised. Then the small dragon started flying towards me with it’s beautiful blue, black and red wings. Once the small dragon got to me it started sniffing all around me like a dog.

Then the small dragon jumped on me, I was surprised wondering what's going on? As the dragon was jumping on me, the symbol on my right arm started glowing, then I looked at the 2 dragons arms and they had the same symbol as me.Then when I looked really close to my symbol it said a bond of the dragons.

I started to think about the bond of the dragons. I started walking away very slowly from the dragons and the symbol started fading. When I walked back the symbol started glowing again. Once I went back to the dragon it started jumping on me again. As the dragon was jumping on me I dropped the dragons necklace and a blue mist of fog started appearing.

As the blue mist was surrounding us a shadow dragon started appearing. When the dragon saw it.The dragon jumped in front of the baby.The shadow dragon had a cold feeling when it started flying around us.The shadow dragon stood right in front of me and our eyes turned blue.

When our eyes turned blue,the shadow dragon blew fire and the necklace with the ashes started turning blue.On the necklace it said dragon's heart. So this necklace has the shadow dragons heart. The shadow dragon nodded.

The shadow dragon bowed to me. I jumped on and the shadow dragon blew fire and took off with me. We were flying in the beautiful night sky. As soon as we knew it was morning we had to leave the sky. I guess the shadow dragon can’t fly during the day. I then knew my shadow dragon can only fly from night until dawn.

The End

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