Friday, 13 November 2015

Narrative writing by Jayden

Yesterday was so weird that Drake thought that it was a dream. Because first chocolate started falling out of the sky and a marching band came past him and then a float, but really there was parade going on that he did not know about and a chocolate factory had just been blown up by some terrorist. Sending chocolate flying in the sky and falling back down on everyone. Next when he went back home everyone was gone. The entire street wasn’t there even Old Man Stu who hardly ever leaves his house.

In fact everyone had gone to the parade without him because they thought that he had woken up and gone to the parade with his friends without them. He went back down the road to the parade again hoping to find his family there. But no one was there everyone had vanished. It was raining and he thought everybody had gone home but they were not. They decided it throw their own parade and keep the fun going and invited everyone in town. They threw it in a huge stadium. Where the rugby finals were once happened.

When he tried to ring his parents they didn’t pick up their phones because the sound was to load and they moved danced so much that they couldn’t feel there phones. They did not tell him about it because they thought that he was hanging out at his friend's house and would not want to be disturbed. But he was not with his friends in fact his friends were at the parade but never saw the parents so they did not ask where was Drake. His friends did not know who threw the parade and they thought that he was at home with his family. So each of them had no idea that he was alone. But it was getting late so he went back home and went to sleep.

When he woke up the next day he thought that it was all a dream. But then when he turned on the TV he saw on the news that a chocolate factory had exploded and that chocolate was falling from the sky onto people. The Next story on the news was that there was a huge parade that people from all over the world flew there to go to. Famous movie stars were there and brought loads of drinks and snacks for everyone there. Then it showed a picture of his family because they threw that party. Then a interview with his friends on how much they liked the party “ It was awesome to bad my friend Drake wasn’t here to enjoy it I don’t know where he was at” said his friends. Then he knew that it was not a dream. He felt angry that his parents never bothered to tell him about the party.

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