Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial Literacy at Glenbrae

We have been fortunate enough to receive financial literacy lesson from Rachel who works for Price Water Cooper. This week, our first lesson on Monday was about identifying our needs and our wants. This was a good eye opener for everyone in Room 10 because spending money is very easy and therefore it is also very easy to spend on things you do not need and do not have any use for.

Today the lesson was about being credit worthy. Credit ratings are very important because it will determine our trustworthiness to pay money back when we borrow. Four Room 10 students took part in skits where they lent something of theirs to a friend. It is good practice now to think about who you lend your things or money to.

Always question?????????????
Are they going to pay me back and on time?
Will they respect my property and give it back?
Did they pay me the last time I lent to them?

This will be questions we will be asked when we borrow from others too.

We enjoyed the lesson today and Miss Rachel is doing a great job being a teacher in Room 10.

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