Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Maths learning with Sue

Some Room 10 students enjoyed a Maths lesson today with Sue who is our school Maths facilitator. Today they learnt about fractions and the problem they solved as a group was:

Six students were in a 100m race. The student who came third got a time of 13.56 seconds. What might be the times for the other students in the race?

They also used deci mats to show representations of different numbers.

Feedback from students:
Bono - I learnt that decimals are special fractions
Keti - I learnt how to show decimals using materials
Siosifa - I learnt that decimals and fractions are similar to each other
Kyana - I learnt that decimals are special fractions with a denominator of 10, 100, 1000...
Lennyx - I learnt that decimals are more complicated fractions
Joseph - I learnt that decimals are special fractions
Tauola - I learnt that the bigger the decimal the smaller the pieces of materials we had to use. For example tenths are bigger than hundredths and hundredths are bigger than thousandths


  1. Hi Room 10,

    I really liked your Maths. I also liked how you used feedback and feed forward with each other. You guys looked like you learnt a lot about decimals,

    Tim (Panmure Bridge)

    1. Hi Tim, thank you for visiting our class blog. What are you learning in Maths in your class at the moment? You might want to share a problem my class can solve for you.

  2. Nice work guys what did you guys learn was is fun or alright