Thursday, 2 July 2015

A fun trip to Aotea Centre

Fifty lucky students including all of Room 10 were able to travel to the Aotea Centre in the city to watch shows performed by different performing groups. We were also able to take part in workshop about different forms of art. We used Ipads to look into a mail box and watch a moving bird through the Ipad. When Mrs Tofa tried to view through her phone she was not able to see the bird. Another great workshop was the tormento workshop by one of the AUT students. There she used her mobile phone to call a number and the students were able to blow into the phone and the air from their breath affected the faced on the interactive screen. The displays are still displayed in the Aotea Centre and anyone standing in front of the tormento display can call the number and blow into their phone and see their breath blow the faces on the screens.

We travelled to the city by bus and the bus dropped us outside the Town Hall which is an old building with historical value to Auckland and also New Zealand. 

It was a fun day and all the students enjoyed the performances. 

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