Thursday, 2 April 2015

Danny Joe reflects on his learning from the MADD workshop about TALENTS

Today in Madd we learnt about TALENTS. 

The first thing we did was talk about our intelligence and our skills intelligence. People are born with skills intelligence which means you practice it.

Then Petia ask Fusi to come up then Petia ask what she she was good at then she said piano.

Then Petia asked us to get into groups and act out skits showing people working on their skills. My group did a sports skit about this person called Moses who did not pay attention to training and kept dropping the ball during the game making the team lose.

Then it was the next group they did New Zealands got Talent their story was about this one girl name Fusi she went to go audition for New Zealands got talent the first time she went to go audition she said she just learnt this song about a week ago when she played she was a disaster but then a year later she came back then when she played the judges said they were speechless.

Yesterday I learnt that we are born with talents. I think the talent I was born with is being good at sports.

Then Petia drawn wonder woman then we went back to class.  

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