Monday, 9 March 2015


Every day we go to our school swimming pool for our swimming lesson. We started off the year with individual swimming styles and as the weeks progressed we have been able to work on our arm strokes, breathing, kicking and posture in the water. It has been fun and it is also a great escape from the summer heat. This week will be the last week for swimming but we are glad we have been able to improve on our swimming and survival skills in the water.


  1. Swimming is so awesome because I get cooled down and so hot all the time. When were doing our swimming lessons im really starting to learn how to swim better and I now know what to do if someone is in trouble.

    1. Awesome Melenaite. A lot of people drown in New Zealand especially during the summer. It is sad and that is why we really need to learn how to swim and how to help others when they are in trouble in the water as well as looking after ourselves.