Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Samuel's reflection of the MADD anti bullying workshop

Today I learnt that everybody is intelligent and has the seven smarts which are picture smart, word smart, body smart, number smart, people smart, music smart and self smart. 

We also did some problem solving. We had some nails and then a nail was stuck on a piece of wood and we had to try and put all the nails on the middle nail and then who ever figured it will get a prize from Caroline.

We also did this cool activity where one person stands in the middle of a circle of six people. The six people have to say something nice about the person in the middle. Today was Fraser and the six people were Fusi, Dasharn, Chris, Aarmione, Fineasi and Dora. They all said something positive about Fraser which was great. Last week I was in the middle and I felt really good when people were saying nice things about me.

Petia drew Flash for us and we really like his art work. Mrs
Tofa is keeping the art work safe so we can display it around the school. 


  1. Very informative reflection of today Samuel. Thanks and keep the great writing going.