Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mrs Tofa's observations and reflection from today's MADD workshop

Today in the MADD workshop the theme was Being Proud of our Cultures. As the students listened to Petia tell about his father's journey to NZ on a ship and the obstacles he had to go through as a non English speaker I thought about my journey of moving to NZ when I was 12. Fortunately for me I was able to speak English and communicate with my new friends in NZ.

The students were asked to go into their ethnic or cultural groups. Some had the privilege of choosing which cultural group to go to as they had more than one. When the students were working together I was able to see those who are confident within their own cultures. I was also able to see those with leadership potential stepping up and taking charge. 

I felt proud watching the Tongan, Cook Island, Niue, Samoan and Samuel representing Africa (Botswana). Some of these students are 3rd generations in NZ and yet they are very proud of their cultures.

Highlight today was when five students stood around Samuel in a circle and told Samuel something positive they know about him. The comments given were genuine and I could see Samuel was humbled by the comments being said. 

At the end of the session I felt Petia and Leah had reinforced pride within the students for their cultures. 

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