Wednesday, 11 March 2015

MADD workshop reflection by Jayden

Today we saw Leah and Petia because Caroline wasn’t there. There we learnt about being proud of our culture. Petia told us a little story about his father. He said that in the 60’s his father came to New Zealand to get some money and said it back home to his family. He didn’t know how to speak English.

People used to ask him "What is your name?" and he didn’t know what they were saying so finally it clicked. He realised they wanted to know his name and the only English name he knew was Peter. However, he did not know how to spell Peter so he spelt it as PETIA. I think that is why Petia is named Petia and not Peter.

After that he put us into Groups. Samoan, South African, Tongan, Niuean and Cook Island. When he was telling us this I asked him "What if we have more than one ethnicity?" He said whichever you associate with more then that is it. So I chose Samoa because I am three quarters Samoan and one quarter Maori.

In my group we got given a piece of paper. On that paper it had three questions. The first one was Where is your country or island found? The next was What are the traditional things that you do in your culture? The third question was something I can’t remember that one.

The people in my group were: Brandon, Fraser, Tauola, Dora, Levi, Me, Jayden and Moses.

Petia told us that all the groups had to do an act from their culture. We had no idea what we were going to do so he said if we knew the Manu Samoa dance we could do it. But no one knew it but Moses and Brandon knew a little bit. Moses told us what to do. We all got up and started to follow his lead.

When all the groups knew what they were doing and had filled out the paper we sat down on the chairs and waited for Petia and Leah. We now had to share our information from our sheet and also our little dance or haka from our cultures. Samuel went first because he was the only one representing his culture. He said that in his culture when you give someone a present you are to kneel down and give them the present. I thought that is cool.

Next to present was Niue. In the Niuean group was Bono, Justin, Erina, Joseph, Aarmione and Dallas. They read out their paper and then they did this small dance. After them was us the Samoan group. We read out what we wrote down then we did a small dance which was led by Moses.

After us was the Tongan group a lot of people were in the Tongan group because a lot of people are Tongan.

Today was great. We worked together and put our ideas together. We also listened to each other and were proud to present our cultures.

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  1. I really like the detail in your recount Jayden. Your group looked like they were having fun. Go Manu Samoa.