Monday, 9 March 2015

First day of technology with Mr Grundy for Year 8 students

Looking at past student's work

Time to plan our own - what vehicle are we going to make?

Mr Grundy's rule - KISS (keep it simple stupid)
Eager learners sat in Mr Grundy's classroom ready to tackle the task for the term. Making wooden vehicles. Only 4 wheels and can only have one carriage due to time restrictions. It will be interesting to see what great thinking and creating will come from our Year 8 students. 


  1. Hi Mrs Tofa I like the way you wrote this blog. This blog can help me understand more about writing and putting in paragraph. I hope you keep up the hard Mrs Tofa.

    Nice work

    1. Thanks Voni. How are your projects doing in Mr Grundy's class? What did you decide to make in the end? Next time you are at tech can you take some pictures and post them on your blog so I can see how you are going please?