Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Danny-Joe's reflection from the MADD antibullying session

Today we had Petia and Caroline we learnt about the seven smarts of our brain.

The first smart she talked about was number smart she told us that her daughter had a disability and she could only count in order from 1t1 onwards. Her daughter might not be fast at Maths but she is still able to do Maths.

Next Caroline talked about body smart she told that she was going to go around the and we had to talk about what body smarts were good at. Everyone got to say what body smart they were good at.

Next she told us to go to a table it was girls vs boys we had to make all the nails balance on the nail on the wood and the girls won.

Then Petia picked someone to go in the middle while Erina went and got the speakers. The person that he picked was Fraser from Room 9 then he chose 6 people to stand and say good things about him. After Fraser was Mrs Tofa then everyone had to say something good about Mrs Tofa. 

When Erina got back they hooked the speakers up to the phone and played music while Peita worked on drawing Flash with chalk. The Flash drawing was taken by Mrs Tofa. She will display the art work by Petia somewhere in the school.

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  1. Its great reading what you remember and have learnt from our MADD workshop today. Thank Danny Joe