Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Aarmione reflects about what she learnt in the MADD anti bullying workshop

Proud we solved the nail challenge
Today we went back to Petia and Caroline for the MADD workshop. This week the theme was about being Intelligent and having these 7 different smarts. The seven smarts were Self smart, Body smart, Word smart, Music smart, Number smart, Picture smart and People smart. 

Caroline laid these on the floor in a circle, and she talked to us about these different smarts. Then she split us up into groups - A boys group and a girls group, and gave us a piece of wood with a nail in it, and some other nails. Then she explained the activity. She said that we have to try and balance some nails on that one nail. Then we got into our groups. When we couldn’t do it, Caroline came back and helped us. She said to lie one nail down flat on the table and keep adding one to each side until there was no space. Then you put one nail on top then transfer that to the single nail. When it worked, we were very amazed that it worked. 

Petia working on the Flash

Then Mrs tofa came and took a picture of us with it. Then we went back into the circle. Petia asked for 6 volunteers, and Fraser went into the middle of the circle, while the other 6 stood around him to compliment him.

Soon after that, Petia started his drawing of the Flash. When he finished, we clapped - it was really good.

After we stopped clapping, we stood around the picture, and then we took a picture of it. Then we lined up, said thank you to Petia and Caroline, and went to class. 

Going to Petia and Caroline is always fun, because we know we will have a good time and learn something from them. We are very lucky to have them at our school.


  1. Petia is a really good drawer and he is really nice.

  2. Petia is really cool and he is kind and he inspires people in art and he encorages them not to forget their culture.

  3. When Petia was finished drawing flash all the people went to see it and it was cool as

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